Why is Your Printer not Taking Papers? But there are Papers in the Tray.

HP printers are the best class printing devices, which are mainly used in small, midsized and large industries and organizations. These printing machines give smooth printing and run quickly without any slow moving.  Here, few important instructions are given below how to solve HP printer not taking papers, HP printer says out of the paper but there is a paper and learn here how to troubleshooting this issue easily. And you can call also at HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-866-505-7911 for immediate assistance.

Initially check the condition of an inserted paper and try to reload it. Learn and follow below instructions that may fix an error immediately:- 

1.  From an HP Printer tray and delete that stack of paper.
2. To make a stack of paper, it needs at least twenty five sheets as a plain paper.
3. Need to tap the key that as specified the stack of paper on a flat surface to line up all edges.
4. Next, insert the stack of paper in a proper line in the paper tray. If you have any technical error, you can take help from HP Printer Technical Support team immediately.
5. Check carefully whether no paper will tear curled or wrinkled. This is plain and straight away.
6. You try to print it as a self-test.
  • If error is unable to solve and try to load it from various kinds of paper, one type is at that time into a printing machine and try to print it again.
  • Still Hazards continue and try to precede next step.
  • Clean hp printer rollers carefully. Every electronic device needs maintenance and repair.
  • Press “Power source” button to make your printing device and get it turned off.
  • With the help of a cloth with lint-free as distilled, filtered or a boiled water and clean all the rollers immediately.
  • If your printing device has a duplexer, you need to clean rollers on a duplexer as immediately.
  • A printer prevents printing and turned on your printing machine.
  • Try a test just by printing anything. If error continues and go to next step.
  • Device should be reset.
  • Without turning off printing machine, you need to disconnect its main power cord from a rear side of your device.
  • Wait for thirty- thirty five seconds, get back to printing machine and reconnect its unplugged power cord.
  • Press “power key” option to turn on the printing device. If this failed to power on as automatically.

This is strongly advised to all users that they should care and service their devices daily and properly. If still issues continue, connect to our certified technicians just by calling at toll free HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-866-505-7911 to get instant help round the clock.